27 Dec 2009

Bed Time Stories

This film was ok but not great. The storyline was a bit bland, really wasn't much too it. It was also pretty predictable and didn't really explain where the magic was coming from and why. The stories were the best bit as they went into all these different scenes like the old west and outter space but they had the same narrative and morals so that was boring aswell.

Adam Sandler was also quite annoying. And so was the British girl ^ ^ she was too British and too much of a typical LA party girl.


  1. same same sameeeeee
    it could have been much much better
    and they could have made some of the situations much funnier.

  2. Yeah i its on this week on sky, but i still havent got round to it, its like the remote knows its bad so keeps changing the chanelle itself.
    PLus i dont think Ben Stiller thats great or Russel Brand is that funny