1 Dec 2009

As it's tuesday

I think it's about time I blogged about my weekend
I don't usually
but I have been requested to
and I have nothing else to talk about
and miss blogging


Friday night

This evening involved a lot of laughs. We were supposed to go out to cheer up Hamad as he's pretty down lately. So me, David, Dre, Akbar, Hamad and anyone else who wanted to come was to go to the Eva.
As it turned out it was just David, Dre and I.
David at some point in the night even pointed out that there now seems to be a tendency of it ending up being the 3 of us drinking.
But I think it's cool 'cos we had a lot of fun. I realised Archer's and Lemonade, even doubles, don't really do a lot for me. So if I'm ever in a drinking contest, I'll stick to that. But to catch up to the other two who were swaying around, especially David, and to shake things up a bit we had some sour shots. The cherry ones are nasty. Apple and blackcurrent a lot better though. So we had a couple of them and me and Dre had a sneaky one, sorry David. I also had a bottle of my ol' magners pear and my head eventually reached the same sort of region as the others though tbh probably not as they were wrecked.
So it was off to best kebab for the junk food required when your drunk and then a midnight trip to tesco (Y)
Lots of fun, should do it more often.


Me and Jen took a little trip to Lakeside on the bus. She missed the place since she quit and I've been wanting to go for agges for a shopping trip so we went. Pointless in the shopping dept really. We didn't do anything but buy food. I bought a Bacon Double Cheeseburger from Burger King mmmmmm and realised just how much I love it. Yes it's a tad expensive but it's tottallly worth it. Then we had a lil walk to IKEA to buy za swedish hotgodz. Yummm. Jen broke her IKEA virginity. Then back to lakey for a coke at McD's. We hit most of the food places in there. Woulda hit Krispy Kremes but they didn't have the maple one. I think me and my dad are the only ones who probably like them.
Me and Jen didn't have an uneventful time. We relived a scrubs episode with Na Na Na Na Na phrase from the Brady Bunch. That made us laugh a lot and we are now going to do it all the time. Well a while anyway
We also discovered a nationality rivalry between us as I love Canada and she loves America. Let's see who shall prevail.
On the way home it was raining and I realised I didn't have a key. But the neighbours were in so all was well and I had the evening to myself with X Factor, I'm a Celeb and my book :)


Was terrible. I'd rather forget the 8 hours in the day that I left the house. Truly. It just consisted of me being very wet, very cold and me being miserable. Yay (Y)
On the plus side everytime something shit kept happening I did "Na Na Na Naaa" in my head
and that made me smile
and also lol to myself at some points :)

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  1. Allow burger king, go yanks and yay hotdogs .....
    Na Na Na Na Naaaaa