17 Dec 2009

Always on this computer when I blog in Study Room

Doing my history homework
With Bradley
This should be named my Bradley free
where we just do history together :)

He actually makes me work and concentrate

You may say no because I'm blogging
But I didn't want to forget what I wanted to write
So thought I'd do it now

I think I encouraged him to work
Because when I first came over he was playing Pokemon

Then he leaned over and glanced at my screen
And now he's doing his timeline

He just stretched btw
Really cute :)

Everyone likes him
People are randomly coming up to him and talking to him :)
That's how cool he is

Now I'm going to get back to my work
I've only done 302 words :S
But I would probably have nothing without him
We interject ocassionally to ask each other questions :)
But thats too much



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