20 Nov 2009


As you know was New Moon day (even if its midnight the excitement was still yday)
but it was also Deadline Day

Finalllly finished our music video :D
Can go back to having some sort of life lol
Though still didn't make it home on time lol
Bumped in David and Andreas and we celebrated (Y)

Pretty proud of the vid
Slaved over it for hours
and I think it paid off
now onto the extras of the coursework but they're pretty minor
but also bloopers :)
seeing as we missed out on our thriller ones I'm determined to get these ones

Sev's just made it yday
And finalised our greatness :D

So noowww
I want you all to watch it and give us feedback and answer our questions in the side bar
'cos it'll help with our blogging and tings
Sorry the youtube quality is shite
Some of the shots have lines on them :(
You know we wouldn't leave something like that in when we've been staying behind till 7 lool

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