24 Nov 2009

Wild Child

Wild Child is basically another teen girl movie, except this time she moves to England. Overall it's not a bad film but it's nothing different from all the other high school girl movies that you've seen. The fact that it's in England doesn't really make me happy seeing as it's such a Hollywood version of England: they're all rich as it's a boarding school, it's in the country side, the school is a posh mansion, they all talk posh apart from the Scottish girl and the guy is a typically English dish. It also includes all the usual morals such as friendship, and lying and sex etc.
The characters themselves are ok but again, nothing original. The lead is sooo skinny, half the time I just wanted her to eat something. The guy is fit of course.
One of the girls bugged me 'cos she looked like someone who I couldn't place, then realised it was Amanda Holden. The girl is also actually 24. Bit Weird to be playing a 16 year old.

The best thing about the film was that Natasha Richardson was the head mistress :)
I love her
Still can't believe she's gone :(

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