9 Nov 2009

So it's Monday

and I feel like reverting back to the days when I used to post loads and write my monday diary entry

So this morning started off with Debate
And the good thing was it really was just that-Yawn
I didn't say a thing
It was great, I just got to sit there and listen to everyone else and slowly wake myself up and brace myself for history

Media was a lot of fun
Jen had a supply of sweets
we did some work to begin with but also had some fun
then Steph left to help Stevo for a bit and things got a lil bit out of control with me and Jen
Lots of giggles, lots of impressions and Fosters quotations
I blame the sweets

Got a bit of bad news with my effort grades
Fakey gave me a 2
I don't care bout no study leave tbh
But I do bout £100 bonus
Gonna Try and sort it out

The afternoon brought more media giggles and me, Jen and Steph embarrassing ourselves rocking out to our song
I'm sure we'll soon hate it

I then scarpered off to my drum lesson very quick as it was 14:31 on the mac and my lesson is at 14:30
I'm always late but lucky it was just down the stairs
Reason was in the studio so that was my first faux pas
I tried to ignore his existance and went on with the smiles and the lesson
Wasn't going too well as big shoes, no practise and Reason in the next room
Then as I go to do something
He's staring right at me!
Proper Eye contact
Now that friggin freaked me out
As if I didn't feel self concious he could hear me playing
Atleast I wasn't aware he was paying attention
So then the mistakes came in full flow
How was I supposed to play decently now
I told him off for it afterwards
He best not do it again

After I was starting to get hungry
And lucky for me I had an eating competition planned
Kept an empty stomach all day for it
(Look at November list below)
So Dre, David and I were to see who could eat a whole bag of munchies the quickest

And for the purpose of the list, to document my actions, there is a video below

It's actually really boring
It's more difficult than it looks cos they're chewy and crunchy all at once
Took like 4 and a half minutes lol
The video cut out 2 seconds before I was declared winner and finished first :D

I surprisingly didn't feel sick
But could taste chocolate for aggges
and later in gym it was all coming back to haunt me
thought I might actually be sick
but nono
all good

So that's my day :D


  1. "I then scarpered off to my drum lesson very quick as it was 14:31 on the mac and my lesson is at 14:30"

    i actually laughed out loud! lol
    those macs eh *rolls eyes*