4 Nov 2009

Not feeling

the Best
looking back at the ol' pictures isn't the best confidence boost
such beautiful people around
but its ness for something I have to create

the whole bag of maltesers doesn't help
but I'm gonna blame that on certain necessary cravings


  1. You didn't have to go to all that trouble to find a pic of me!

    Seriously though
    Justtt shhhhh!
    We said we wouldn't have this conversation BUTT you are an amazing beautiful smart funny exciting gorgeous person, If I were you I'd be jumping up and down naked with excitement.
    Honestly Sarah, I love you so much, and I am soooo proud of who you are and that I can call you a friend of mine. Why can't you see how freaking awesome you are!

  2. haha that made me LOLzz out loud
    the naked bit made me chuckle espec
    yh we're not having this convo
    so technically u shudnt have commented :p

    but thanks
    even if its a pack of lies