14 Nov 2009

Never mind the buzzcocks this week was a pretty good episode
Noel Feilding looked reallly fit

was quite diverse with nationalities
and I discovered a fit Aussie
Daniel Merriweather

never really seen the guy
but now I like him :)

but not his music
and I despise that song red
he looks abit like Olly from X Factor

also that comedian that looks like Lindsey Lohan was on

I don't like Tim Minchin in stand up but when he's just him he's pretty funny

and the whole Aussie shoes thing made me laugh

Noel: Do you have shoes in Australia?
Tim: Yeah we have shoes
Girl from Noisettes: There's a lot of Flip Flops
Daniel: We call them thonges
Tim: You guys have flip flops, we have thonges, it's a totally different culture


  1. Was about to say, What? You suddenly feel an undeniable urge to paint something red :O