23 Nov 2009

My head hurts

Punched today in the back of my head on the left side
Proper hurt and lingered for a few mins
and I just leaned my head back on my sofa right there and it ached and I went to feel it
and yeahh it really aches
All this jus because I'm good at media lol
Gotta be careful what you wish for Jen's phrase of the day

I won't name names 'cos I wouldn't wanna get in any trouble
And she could find this blog lol

Had another incident with the Jesus today
it's not fair
he knows he makes me feel uncomfortable and goes out of his way to do so
and he knows how hard it is to resist staring into those ice blue eyes
I succeeded though
I didn't fall into temptation :p

hijacked Jen's blog today :)
check out my post

that's all I can really say about today
oh and I'm trying to give up a few creature comforts this week
and I'm withdrawing badly

1 comment:

  1. Ice blue eyes lol
    Awr, hope your ickle head gets better