27 Nov 2009

It's friday

My computer is not working
It's not turning on
So yday I drove myself crazy craving the internet
It's weird how I can go days without going on it
If I have it
But as soon as you take it away from me
I reallly want it

The givings up of my creature comforts hasn't exactly gone to plan
I didn't feel any healthier
I didn't look any different
In fact I have spots on my chin
and a fat ulser on the inside of my lip
and tuesday I honestly felt like I was going to die I was so tired

So bring on the Pepsi Max and the biscuits
I think I might be a caffeine addict
but when you sleep only about 6 hours 5 nights a week
that's not so surprising

Today I've brought my laptop to school so I can give it to Ben
and my bag weighs so much
actually like doing weights
so started my exercise early today

so it looks like no more comp tonight either

if your wondering...
yes I'm in music
that's how I'm on the net
I really cba to do Anything today
I think it's down to eid 'cos no ones in and the people who are feel like they shouldn't be in so they can't be arsed

Might try and get radio onto media blog this afternoon
we'll see

I think I'll have to go out tonight
because last night was the slowest night of my life
and my ema I think has finally come through
though I'm still owed money

half bell jus went
no ones come in
what I really wanna do is go to the study room and play uno
soo tempted
I could go for one game and say I went toilet
I do actually need to go aswell

well Gervaise has just come back from the studio
so if Marshall takes as long I might aswell go to the study room
but argh
you just know i'd get caught out
because my names O'Brien
and these things jus seem to happen to us

1 comment:

  1. This actually made me laugh
    Bring on the Pepsi Max and the biscuits indeed :)
    It's ridiculous how much I want pepsi max nowwww :(

    At least you have nice things to look at in music