23 Nov 2009


to give some more meaning to my blog
everyones blog has some sort of theme
Yas, Raji and Sarah have artsy links
Jennie has book reviews and stories
and Mala has a bit of everything and a lot of youtube videos

all I have is random thoughts that come into my head pretty much


I'm going to start doing a review of the films I watch :)
Don't worry I won't reveal the plot or the end
But I feel like my blog needs some sort of purpose
I'll start with yesturdays film
I don't think I can really review New Moon seeing as:
a. I'm a twihard
b. The books will always rule
c. I was so excited when I watched it and need to watch it a good few more times before I reach a clear normal person view judgement


  1. I like your blog as it is :)
    However am excited for film reviews
    You'll be good at that, and Peter Pan will be prouddd :)

  2. theres a twilight parody book called 'nightlight'