5 Oct 2009


My mum made a cake
It's a typical mumsy thing I know but
My mum isn't the cake making type
She didn't make them when I was little
I got good savoury food and stuffs
Just not deserts
I'm excited
It's carrot cake :O
My favourite
I'll put pics up after me thinks
So seeing as I'm now on here
Let's tell you all about my day
This blogging diary thing keeps tending to happen on a monday

Pretty relaxing day
Totally shatteredd
yawned my way through most of history and music
but last history lesson this week woop woop
so no Fake for 3 days :D
Actually did Some work in music
Gervaise made me feel a lil guilty
Rajiv also told me he liked my song choice, thought it would be a laugh
See, I pick the good fun songs :)

Spent 1 hour 10 mins in media brainstorming only to end up back with the idea we originally had lol
Tesco'd it in rain
Free doing pretty much nothing with a drum lesson in between
Gym'd it
Then TV'd it
anddd now I'm here
thinking it's time to make a decision about my university
Jen's actually bitten the bullet and got 5 sooo I guess I should too
And try to avoid the same ones :S

wish me luckkk
it's only my future


  1. Good luck :)
    I'll back you whatever you decide

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