18 Oct 2009

Nobody knew he was 25% Australian...

Andy Pie says:
i want to be australian
Oh Look it's Sarah O'Brien says:
be English
we're much cooler
why u think they're all here
they're all jus our ex convicts

Andy Pie says:
next time is see an aussie im gonna say

"welcome back"

made me LOL a lot
caused a coughing fit

wish I'd thought of it
I've met quite a few Aussie's in my time
Can't do it to the ones I know now
time's gone
Dre can though :D
and I wanna be there playing "I come from a land down under" in the background
We're not racist
We're just funny
If someone wanted to give me fish and chips whilst singing Bohemiam Rapsidy and saying, well I dunno, your a footy hooligan?, what's a bad thing to say about England/Britain or even Ireland if you wanna go that far
(after all I am 25% Irish but everyone knows that. Haha they could never make a Guiness add using that line 'cos it would have to go:

"Everybody knew he was 25% Irish 'cos he wouldn't stop bloody banging on about it")

But yeah
Tbh I wouldn't care
'cos I love my nationality

and after writing this post I'm now listening to Bohemiam Rapsidy and I did infact have Fish and Chips for dinner :) and I did watch Match of the Day Tonight

God Save The Queen



  1. One of my followers abandoned me :(

    BUt this bost made me lol
    ''Everybody knew he was 25% Irish 'cos he wouldn't stop bloody banging on about it''
    Also the whole
    were not rasict we're just funny.
    Right that what all the hardcore rasicts say :P

  2. Lol!
    Yeah you've got my vote on Fish & Chips :)