20 Oct 2009

My Media Day :)

Feel like having a whole diary post of my day
'cos it was rather good
and I'm in a good mood

So the day started off with me in media setting up the studio so we could film in our next lesson
So for half hour I followed Rajiv around
then with my half hour to spare I went to the study room and researched a Russion director to use as an example in my personal statment
added him to it with a couple of sentences
*(yes, when you come to read the end of this you'll think, oh my god she did all that and she fit in a teeny bit of her personal statement :o wow)

So bell for second lesson came and I scooted off back to media to commence filmage
We filmed a photo shoot of our girlfriend in the music video
Which happens to be Steph
It was alot of fun
We had reheads and a fan and a spotlight and camerasss
It was cool
and verrry Hot!

Took a while for Steph to get into it but when she did wow did she get into it
she even went on the floor!

it was very fun
I also had a cameo appearence of me singing "Woooaaah" from the song It's High Tide Baby by The Blackout
That's gonna be embarrassing when I watch it back

Theres better ones on the other cam

Sooo then I went home
Watched bit of the Wright Stuff
get this
finished my essay :D
oh yeah
I then synced the Giles and got my bits together whilst texting Nazia as I got credit and then headed Back to school
I arrived a step behind Michael heading to the music block like a good lil boy 'cos that's what I told him
and then Sean and Dre arrived and we shipped drum kit, amps, mic stands, media equip, all over to drama and hid it in the old smoking room till drama was free
We eventually went in
And Sean showed off on the drums
I straightened Mike's hair
Put 3D glasses on Dre
Whilst Shakov and Jen were doing real work with equip
Steph Arrived
and Eventualllly (you know how much faffing you do when filming)
We started to shoot

Was alot of fun
Came out better than I thought it would
Had a lot of fun with the lights
Did a lot of takes lol but I think everyone had fun
Though the guys were in the hot lights : and had to jump lol so they were pretty tired
Louise took some pics
All blury lol but ahwell

Came home to an empty hosue :) at quater to 7
had half hour break then started on the other essay
Actually finished it quick :D
Then watched America's Next Top Model
And ate my pizza
Then watched The Mentalist
Patrick Jane
And now trying to get pics of Nazia's timeline so I can copy her homework
I know I know
Can't be perfect
And then I shall shower
Do the homework
And try and fit in Ugly Betty
All before the rents get home
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  1. your vid is gonna be awesome! can't wait to see it

  2. yeah!!
    it looks really good!!
    jus wow

    need to work a lot harderer now