26 Oct 2009

Me and Dre quick fire band names..

• We Started To Shoot
• Did I Mention
• It's Still Sunday
• ship ahoy!
• No Que
• half baked
• Procrastination
• Just a Tickle
• point taken
• Pigeons for dinner
• Like a Bush Baby
• badger bait
• dawn of the dingo
• Actually Bitten
• My TV's too ssick
• Life Sucks When Your Not on Google
• If You were My Cousin
• free lunch
• rub down imanent
• I Found More
• Let's go look in the fridge
• tissue time
• That cropped up
• If Sheep were braver
• Shope = Single Sheep
• dr zhivago is a nob
• My Left Eye Was Watering
• do i look like a serial killer?
• Do I look like I kill cerial?
• Its Amazing What Covered Feet Can Do
• I Became One of those people
• why arent you looking at me
• Night Before Results
• punch the bag
• hair of the dog
• 3 slices of cake
• Golf properly
• hairy aunt mary
• tiger crane sucks ass
• Not a photo shoot or anything
• Last few weeks of being a child
• Possible Adventrue
• Too Much Too Smug
• strictly business
• The nearest island is
• They're beginning to spy on me
• the snozberries taste like snozberries
• had pins and needles in my hand for 5 mins earlier & really enjoyed it
• That Numb Feeling
• Came back with 3 Dresses
• 30 seconds on your hand
• 15 second pleasure
• The Sofa Called
• Rides Awry
• cathy says no, i say fuck off
• Through No Fault of My Own
• happy to denounce
• Demonstrate the full scalle
• Behold this massive discovery
• Subscribe to maltesers
• bring me the head of dermout o'learly
• We were in the wrong row
• Jess had a problem
• Abit Abismal
• Other Side of the Stairs
• burnt my ego
• bye bye jordan
• Quick Firing
• soothsayer says
• Shark Eat Shark Sea
• bunny go boom
• Batteries Not Included
• A fancy clown
• Clowns not included
• Quick Think of a Film
• Sandy Claws is a pornstar
• Oldboy
• No Shirt's for Aussie's
• May I remind you
• Valentino Tomorrow
• Lego War
• Walk on Custard
• Love in 3D
• Smarties kill Birds
• I want jam now
• Actual Jam
• Posting
• This is our legacy
• Reject the legacy


  1. i like batteries not included

    they all sound pretty awesome though!

  2. oh and lol at your timer!

    you going to go to the premiere?

    i was thinking of going but then i'm scared i may get killed by all the other girls who are going to be screaming, pushing, swearing, hurting :(

  3. lol i like pigeons not for dinner and life sucks when youre not on google!

  4. thanks guys :D
    helping narrow them down

    and yh i do wanna go :D