14 Oct 2009

I'm thinking

Nottingham Trent


  • Nottingham's a good city
  • you get to study abroad
  • it's in top 20 for media

Sheffield Hallum


  • Sheffield's a good city
  • I've heard really good things from just about Everyone



  • I quite liked the place
  • It's not too far
  • It's by the sea
  • Heard good things
  • Woman was really nice



  • I like Brighton and miss it
  • Jen said the dorm rooms are big and the best she's seen
  • In top 20
  • By the sea
  • Not too far



  • I like Brighton and miss it
  • Not too far
  • By the sea
  • More likely to get in here than sussex



  • Why not? Everyone else is applying there

i want your critical thoughts and opinions please

and also

when is the closing date?

and when we have to pay by?


  1. Dude youve got 6 choices, and apparently the closing date, or well the given date is TODAY but fear not cause i aint done nuffin yet either.
    Also are these in order?
    Id base it on which has more positive points

  2. I realise that this doesnt help at all ^^

  3. lol
    well nazia told me we dont have a choice order now :|
    it's just choices :S
    and i know i have 6
    but i dnt think i wanna apply to brighton twice so i need to find another
    and im ill so is that an excuse :) ?