24 Oct 2009

Greeen Daaay :D

Was Finally yesturday
Booked the tickets back in May
Thought the day would never come

So me, Jessie, Akbar and David all set off together from Newbury Park
It's really not a long journey to the O2 but when you're excited it takes forever
So we got there
We got in quick 'cos no que
Me and David got a drink and then we went to sit down and watch Prima Donna
Who were okay bit odd but quite good
But me and Jess had a problem
We thought we weren't sitting together and one of us was gonna have to sit on the other side of the stairs
So we sat there worrying about the people coming to claim their seats
but then Jessie realised we were in the wrong row lol
We were sitting in F and were supposed to be in Q
so we climed up another few rows till like 4 near the back : and were more central and together, Yay :)
We also saw, out of the 20,000 people the O2 seats, the cirly haired blonde corridoor lady lool

She waved at us as we walked to our new seats lol

How random is that

Sitting just afew rows infront

So this pink bunny came on for abit which was funny
Then he went off and Jess said "I want them to come on now, I've had enough of waiting" and Bam the lights go down :D
and there they were

Green Day (megastar) Pictures, Images and Photos

At first I didn't know it was Billie Joe 'cos he's dyed his hair Platinum Blonde and he was soo tiny from where we were
but soon figured it out
It looked like Tre's hair is back to normal from the Platinum blonde, I didn't like that

So yeah
They were A-MA-ZING
I Love them soooo much
and to see them was just WOW
I still can't believe I have
They played alot of their old stuff, YAY
and only the songs I liked off the new album and one I didn't know in the encore, Woo!
There's so much to say about it I jus don't know what to say
They did King For a Day which was immmennnsssee
and they had different hats!
They did alot of things they did at Milton Kenes and I've seen Bullet in a Bible so much I knew some of the things they would do :D
like the BIG Heeeeyyyy Hooooo
Which was fun
and at the end he said
"And That's Why You're Better Than America!"
Damn Straight!!

I also started to see Spots
and then it got worse and everything went blurry and I had to sit down, when Jesus of Suburbia finished of course, and still saw a few spots but it eventually stopped once I cooled down

So I nearly passed out at Green Day and I wasn't even on the floor! I was on level 4!

they also got loads of people up on stage :(
I wish it could have been me
Was so jeallllouss

Ohh and Tre was wearing his red converse
and so was I
yay :D

See I'm just adding bits 'cos I just don't know how to write it all down

But it ended and we left and Akbar had lost his voice lol
So we got the train home
and out of all the people we saw the curly haired corridor lady again! in our carriage
and she came and talked to us for a few minutes

David left us at Stratford and we got on central line to Nebury park
then when we got off we walked to Maccy D's 'cos we were so hungry and thirsty and walked through the Drive Thru
Which was v funny
And the people in the cars got annoyed


So it started to rain and Jessie's dad picked us up and then home

Very Fun :D

now I have to go to depressing work
I'm going to try and just think about last night to get me through it


  1. sounds awesomeeee
    seriously, the blonde curly haired corridor lady from school?! she doesn't look like a green day fan lool


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. that sounds like fun!!
    Aw glad you had good time!

    Cant wait to have my first ever concert experience

    (oh and above is because i made a typo)

  4. i thought you might have typed something rude! ;o ;o ;o!

  5. Lol that's pretty legendary
    I'm glad you had a good time :)
    LOL at the corridor lady, I love her