11 Oct 2009


Stephen Gately has died at the young age of 33 in his apartment in Majorca

I can't actually believe it
I think it's finally setting in now
as I'm listening to him singing

I'm not even exaggerating how gutted I am
I was in love with him when I was a little boyzone fan
Probably from the age of 7
First ever crush
I had a Stephen Gately doll
I was jealous of the song "Carol" 'cos he was singing about her and not Sarah :'(
When I found out he was gay I was so sad
I no longer had a chance with him :(
But I still loved him all the same

Rest in peace Stephen
You were such a credit to Irish and British music
You were much loved
And you will most definately be missed


1 comment:

  1. Was actually heartbroken when I heard
    Really cant believe it
    R.I.P Stephen Gately