17 Sep 2009


That's how I'm going to describe today
Such an odd day
Started off in music
Doing Super Freak
was doing the work aswell, aren't you proud?
Weight came in to tell us all he's scrapping our free lessons
He asked me to be honest and say if I wasn't OK with it, but seriously, are you going to say to the acting head of music, the head of lower school, basically a very powerful teacher "No I'm not OK. I've been attending those lessons for almost 4 years now and the only time I've ever missed lessons is during exam time. I know I don't do music and I do music tech for A level but that's because our school doesn't offer it and I really really enjoy my drum lessons and think my drum teacher is really cool" That's what I probably would have said.
So my time with my drum teacher has gone down to 15 minutes which is going to cost £56.52
Credit Crunch eh?

With the excitement of booking tickets to see Eddie Izzard last night I then spent my second lesson LOLing at clips of him on youtube and trying to control my laughter so the rest of the study room didn't think I was some complete idiot. Lucky for me however I did a good job and even if I let a couple of cackles out it wasn't noticed because the room was unbelievably loud because of the year 12s. grrrrr

Nothing more of importance happened untill Lunch
Went Tesco
Got krispy kreme doughnut (I'm never going to tire of that)

And pink 'n' mix
Sugar diet today :)
and queing
Saw Benjamin James Liam Beard
who I can quite honeslty say has to be the best male friend I've ever had
Even with the ups &&& downs
He is leaving tomorrow morning for Plymouth University so that's going to be the last time I see him for months

It didn't feel like a proper goodbye
Would expect something more dramatic
All it was was "Bye!" *hug* and then another scruffy hug with a kiss on the cheek through my hair
shows alot for our friendship doesn't it

Honestly doesn't feel like he's going
It'll hit me soon
Though on the way home my left eye was watering
might have been the wind or my subconcious realising that was it and my concious will eventually catch up :s

So after I scooted off to HMV in romford after waiting more than half hour for the bus and 3 came along
Shoulda gone ilford, 3 buses went past that way in that time
Spent ages in there
As you always do and spent one of the hmv vouchers I got for my birthday and bought:
Slum Dog
Seven Pounds
Parent Trap


I might watch one later

Now I'm seeing what I can do with the newly accquired iPhone
I can use it for everything but a phone
which I will eventually be able to do with unlocking software
sorry to be a criminal

So that's me
The longest post ever I think
Official blogger now
'Cos that was practically a diary

Ohhh any name suggestions for my iPhone?
My iPod is DJ Eddie


  1. Haha you do make me laugh
    A lovely post, although gutted I wasnt even mentionedd :( (jokee!)
    It's going to be wierd without Ben, the first bromance coming to an abrupt halt. However I'm sure you too are still going to be bossom buddies, because how could anyone live without you?! ANDD I'll be there with Krispy Kremes, Pick&Mix, Fingers and Pepsi Max when it hits.
    I do love you insanelyy.
    Watch Slumdog :)
    No name suggestions as of yet :|

  2. I soend ages in HMV too, probably looking at t-shirts and posters and mostly things i can't buy, but just look at cause their pretty. Aw, Ben's going away, wow, time is weird. Growing up is weird, stupid and dumb. I want to remain a child...(: