7 Sep 2009

So turns out

First day back wasn't tooo bad
Tad embarrassing with my Huge 1 8 balloons
For 18 NOT 81
I'm no Benjamin Button
But I would like to give mannnyy thanks to my friends for them And the present bag full of goodies, some very lucious ones :p

I also had my second ideal husband
Rob is obv first
Tell me he dreamed about me
Yes, I was in his subconcious
This one more likely to happen as he Lives nearer
Tad older though :S
Lets what good stuff happens tomorrow
Though with me I've probably had MORE than enough
And I am very happy with that
I'd just prefer it to stay like that
And no bad interferance

1 comment:

  1. You are very welcome
    It was a good day, you got random comments from strangers all day, and then the major one from the hottest thing off the barbie ;)
    Doesn't get much better than thatt
    I really hope you liked all of your gifts, and that you had an enjoyable end to your birthday extravagazna period :)