9 Sep 2009

My rents agreed to clubbing :D...

so tomorrow night I'm off out with Ben, Mason and their lottt
Clubbing in Romford...yeah, ghetto styley

And this afternoon I popped down to Ilford *cringe* to get an outfit
I went there for republic..don't judge me

So I ended up in new look
And me and Rebecca had such a laugh spending half an hour at least in there
I became one of those people I hate at work

So we were trying on clothes
and Rebecca ended up seeing me with my trousers round my ankels lool
Not as bad as this sounds!!
And unsurprisingly
comes down to Raji lool

We were in lakeside and I was thinking about trying on this dress but I couldn't be bothered 'cos trying on a dress requirs you stripping down to your undies
And Raji came out with
"Oh you could just role your jeans down so you don't have to take them or your shoes off"

Smart idea but looks very strange
So Rebecca came in with me in a pink dress, with my new baggy gap jeans round my ankels and red converse
Nice look

Fits of giggles
Then Rebecca was doing something to my dress which ended with shouting
"Don't touch me!"
I pity anyone nearby

Also I had to take my converse off to try on heels and revealed some santa claus socks which Rebecca found very amusing and the I stumbled up and down the shop floor trying to walk in them
Which led to more giggles

See I told you, one of Those people

And on the bus she came out with an edited version of McFly's "Obviously"
About my ridiculous crush
Which was quite brilliant I have to say
So we annoyed everyone else on the bus :)
And got some dirty look from a woman
Though tbh I think that was because I was talking about syphilis

Good times :D

I also spent the evening watching my friends dvds
Drinking cider
and falling asleep on my sofa at half 9
shameful lol
How will I survive tomorrow?

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  1. I'm honestly so honoured.
    Sounds like you had so much fun, and double cuz you got a lovely flashback featuring me :) Hows that for epic.
    You were there when I read this, so you really do know how much this made me laugh.