28 Sep 2009

First night out in London...

(looks crappy 'cos iPhone ain't all that)

really wasn't what I was expecting.

Started off in WALKABOUT at about half 4. Verrry quiet in there but it was a monday afternoon. They were closing at 6 for a function so only got to have one drink in there, which wasn't so bad as no fit Aussies and expensive drinks. So at around 6:15 me and Katherine nip to the loo as I've now consumed a big bottle of pear cider. So we go into the cubicles and then someone comes in after us. So we come out and wash our hands then the toilet flushes and out walks the person that was in there. A man lool. Not That funny just saying it like that but it really was. For a split second I thought we were in the wrong one but we went in there earlier so we weren't lool. So then the guy just stops dead and goes wide eyed and says "Oh my God am I in the wrong one" and me and Kat just look at each other and then he opens the door to look for the woman in the skirt on the door and goes "Oh my God I'm in the wrong one!" the poor guy was terrified! It was hilarious! When he left I said to Kat "Didn't he notice there were no urinals?" whilst laughing of course. The guy was pretty fit actually. Shame he didn't stop for longer lol.


Then we left and sat on a bench and "jogger watched" (embankment full of joggers) whilst waiting for Deanna to get off the train. When she came we walked a longg way down to the bridge, over the bridge, onto the southbank. We took pictures of Big Ben with the red sky 'cos it looked so pretty but felt stupid taking pictures of our hometown so we put on American and Irish Accents lol twas verrry funny. We then went into MaccyD's. We ate and watched this rather large man eat a ridiculous amount of fruit and veg. He had two large salads and then ate a packet of 5/6 peaches or whatever they were. I think he knew we were laughing at him 'cos he moved lol. We then went down to the pretty empty bar downstairs. Which was actually really quite nice just abit deserted but we'll allow it 'cos it's monday..ooh and the drinks were cheaper.

So yeah we're in there chatting, having fun, being ourselves, when I notice this guy just Staring at me for ages. I really couldn't take it any more so I looked over at him and he said "I'll be over in a minute" Sorry what? That wasn't an invatation. So I looked at the other two with perplexed expressions. He then said "Is it ok for me to come and sit in that chair?" in repsonse I answered "If you want to?" What am I supposed to say? So a minute or so later he left his friends and came sat next to me and Kat. To all of you who know me, you know I attract psycho's and yes this guy was indeed a psycho. So we had an awkward odd conversation with him about him living in Chicago for two years and some other shizz I've already forgotten but he gave up with Dee and Kat and had to latch on to me didn't he. He huffed a sigh of relief when he found out we were 18, quite unnerving. He aslo knew our area and worked at our school two years ago; how freaky is that? :s I didn't know what to do to get rid of him. I can't be horrible to people. He asked for my number. I gave him a fake. He said it wasn't working. I said my phone has no signal which worked seeing as we were in a basement and Kat and Dee went along with it too.

Finally I had a brainwave and said to Dee "Let's go talk to the barman and ask about filming for my media". So we went over to the bar with all our stuff leaving Kat there to finish her drink. She was way more equipt at dealing with the weirdo than me and Dee were. So I did actually ask the guy about filming there, it was my get out clause but I did infact want to ask him. I explained how I'm in college and the music video is for my coursework and he said "I don't see why that would be a problem" and said to send a letter and pointed me a over to the leaflets with the address on it. As I turned he said "By the way I like your necklace" or words to that effect. He was nice :) Why couldn't he come sit with us? So anyway..

Me and Deanna go over to the leaflets to try and think of a way to get Kat away from him but then she came up behind us. Told you she was more equipt. So we left quickly! We then walked to Westminster Station, looked at nice men on the train, got off at Liverpool Street, used skanky toilets and then found a tesco metro in which we bought Krispy Kremes. We noticed our night was turning into the night a 14 year old would have what with the McD's and Krispy Kremes so added more 14ness and bought WKD, Smirnoff Ice and energy drinks lool. I however couldn't enjoy this teeny bopping as had to get home so I hope they're behaving like right lil weirdos now with their alcopops:)

Can't wait for our next trip out (Y)


  1. loool ! omg wah a day you had sarah absolute jokes! :P x

  2. Thank God I'm alone, because that actually made me LOL numerous times.
    You actually are such a legendd.
    Glad you had a good time love :)

    "No fit Aussies"

  3. I love the guy in the toilet, how often does that happen
    Shock you loved the cheap drinks you alci :P