6 Aug 2009



Was kll
might start learning properly and go on the range and that
Managed to get it in the air after hacking the Earth beneath my feet :)

My dad and uncle got sunburnt
I'm immune now :)

Just ate too much of my mums lovely food
When that goes down
Homemade cheesecake and
Birthday Cake

yum :p

I love Birthdays


  1. Ohhh glad you had fun :)
    Well done :)
    Hope your dad's having a nice day
    Save me some cakee??

  2. Lol well its just started to rain
    So the tribe will be coming in in a sec
    My dad gd
    He won Golf so he's chuffed as he hasn't won in a long time
    I'll try my best with the cake
    But you know wot it's like with cake
    Everybody loves Cake as Donkey says
    I'll send him ur bday wishes when he comes in
    I was just booking these NY pass things
    book by today and we got discount (Y)