3 Aug 2009

Been thinking

And I don't think it's irrational
'Cos these things don't just happen to people in stories
It does occur in real life

I want my own fairytale
I want my adventure to start now
Is it too much to ask

Possibly so
Maybe I'm just too young
But sitting around waiting for my life to kick start is becoming a pain

In these last few weeks of being a child I should DO something
So that my adult life won't be as boring and eventless

I need to get a LIFE

One more year at home

Let's see what I can get out of Chadwell Heath in a year

Alot seems doubtful
maybe I should just wait till I escape

This has nothing to do with my reading the Twilight Saga again Photobucket

1 comment:

  1. You was here when I read this
    So I know you know it made me really "LOL"
    But anyways, agred whole heartedly m'dear
    And not to worry now
    There's a plan
    There's a list
    Our lives are going to change
    Our adventure starts today :)