27 Jul 2009

Turns out

I have longer on here than I thought
I don't know what to say
I don't miss England atall and I don't want to come home
I could quite easily stay here :)
Even though it's hot its bearable as it's not really humid atall and you got the sea right there so you can cool down straight away.
I'm waving to Yasmin in Cyprus but I don't think she can see me. I think the nearest island to here is Zakynthos.
I do miss people though.
Well not people.
My LBP <3
it's not the same without you
and to think I might be going on a boat without my LBP it's practically blasfimy
Therefore it probs won't happen
I'll bring you back a boat though

There's been some hunky men
But I can't get to them without my wing woman :)
Raji gives me the strength to say HI!! =D

I dunno how to express my feelings into words
Noone understands how much I miss you
Not even Jessie and Dexster
hahaha i know tis funny :)
It's like a part of me has been ripped out :p

Looking like I gotta gto
people have logged out
and they are beginning to spy on me




  1. Ahh it sounds lovely!!
    Really does sound like you're having so much fun, and like you're having a proper greek adventure. I'm so jealous

    Tbh, it's rather like betrayal to know that you'll be on a boat without me. I would have liked to be there whilst y'all lost your "on a motherfucking boat" virginity. However, as long as you provide me with evidence, I'll be happy. (That reads more pervy than it's meant to sound - sorry =/ )

    Loll first of all, don't ever use the word "hunk" again. More importantly, it's because I'm not there that youu have to say "Hi!" Really I need to know that some sexy greek god is there taking care of you, if I can't be. Make your move.

    Lol I know, I feel like I'm only half here. But at least I know the other half of me is having fun frolicking on a beach somewhere in Greece ;) I miss you

    Havee fun, take lots of pictures for me, look after the others. Send buckets of love to Becca, Jess & Annie, but keep most for yourself haha

    Good day

  2. actually im not in cyprus yet but whayeeyy i'll still wave (Y)