9 Jul 2009

This is really inspired by Raji

I can't claim credit

Today has been rather crappy
Tbh never thought to mention it on here but I spose it is what blogging is really all about and I gotta get used to it

As if Slotty's departure wasn't bad enough
Our form discovered today that we will be departing as well :(
We are being split up and put into separate forms
We really had the best form
End of an era
We all had One good year At least
But year 13 , I feel, is going to suck


  1. I feel that too
    It's wierd how such a mix of people could just fit together and work so in sync.
    We really were a sort of family, and I'm not just saying that.
    There were times when we fought, laughed together, hated eachother, had banter but underneath it all we backed each other until the end
    Head Belly Head
    Just an example

    I reallyyy am going to miss 12.3
    I can't imagine sixth form anyy other way now

    This is so shit.

    Im gonna miss Slotty

  2. lool head belly head made me chuckle then
    and loads at the time
    sad times :(