11 Jul 2009


I have woken up this morning
Feeling like shit
My neck kills from, and I quote from my Dad,"the G force" from the rides at Thorpe Park
And My ankel is in pain :\
This is fucking scary
My ankel hasn't hurt for months
I really am worried
Phoned work and called in sick and everything
Back on the sofa with my foot up :\
Bad times

Also my Boss didn't seem to know of my holiday next week
I'm going to have to phone him back tomorrow and explain
I'm shitting it
All this worry is making me actually feel ill

On the plus side
My Oyster Card is Back
found by Andy, Jessie's Dad :)
And the rides yesturday were sick (Y)


  1. Owchhhh.
    Poor baby!!
    Hope you get better, mucho best wishes as alwayssss :)
    Dont worry, I'm here for you regardless.

    Yesterday was amazing.
    Your stalker called me, I didn't pick up but know for a fact that he listened to my voicemail message, because I got a voicemail of him putting down the phone, no voice though =/
    I think we told him gooddd.

    Get well wishes in abudance

  2. thanks :)

    think its ok now
    jus needed rest

    scared to call boss tomorrow though :s

    he called u?
    desperate much
    he called me but i didnt pick up (Y)