8 Jul 2009

Ok so abit more

Had to tell you all about my friend from work Leigh and her encounters with Robert Pattinson

Leigh (L)James(L) says:
yh robert pattinson is gorgeous.. he lives in barnes well used to and he's sat opposite me on the 33 bus a few times on my way home from college and i saw him filmin something in shepherds bush but i still aint found out wat dat was

I informed her it was How To Be
Leigh (L)James(L) says:
yh fink so cant remember i found a pic of him aswell near shepherds bush cinema

:O anddd

Leigh (L)James(L) says:
lol i wish i had da confidence to of spoken to him nw knowin dat he is like a huge star nw lol

Leigh (L)James(L) says:
wen he goes up da esculator dats shepherds bush literally behind da camera is wetherspoons where ma leavin do was

If only I worked at shepherds bush last January
I coulda been nearby
Even on those escalators :(

Just WOW basically

This is probably going to turn into a blog all about him


  1. Lol well I for one would not be surprised
    And would enjoy it just as much!
    The blog, by the way, is aceeee

  2. Lol love that photo of him with the cutain hair ;)
    Beth xx