18 Jul 2009

Don't know what to post

But I should as it's my last day in Chadders
And tomorrow will be my last day in England
and then it's Greece for 12 days!!

Beach Pictures, Images and Photos

Had a last minute panic of getting things today :s
But looks like it's ok now
Still gotta pack but shouldn't take long

So I guess this is goodbye

I'm gonna miss Raji loaddsss
I hear you have a cold
Get well soon Hun!!

That's all for now
I might try and blog in Greece but we'll see

Contact me on Blyk number guys (o7516561654)
But try not to drain my cred cos I gotta text the rents and that

Au revoir :)



  1. Lol you're such a doughnut to put your number on your blog, in hope that Rob will happen to stumble across it while cyber stalking you and get in touch. Nice plan :)

    I am actually going to miss you soooo much.
    Seriously you know I can't function without my sexy little hobbits, and now I'm just going to be a lone wanderer.

    I do however hope you have the most amazingg time ever. Don't forget about me, except during drunken nights thats allowed! Don't get sunburn. Wear hats and glasses at all times, Make sure Becca doesn't turn into a french fry. It is your duty to meet as many sexy greek men as possible and bring me back all of their numbers. And I want lots and lots of stories when you get back.

    Be good kids.
    No fighting.

    Missing you already

    have fun!!

    don't forget your suncreamses! (:
    i'll wave over from Cyprus lol

  3. http://whatrajwants.blogspot.com/2009/07/lbp.html

  4. Oh my goodness that picture is amazingg! I am in awe, and so desperate for summer to return to Australia...
    Hope you've had a lovely trip :)